Our Services

Prescribed Burning

  • Asset Protection
    Infrastructure protection, Firebreak Maintenance, Perimeter and Boundary burns
  • Ecological Burns
    Preservation of biodiversity, Climate change adaptation and mitigation, Habitat rehabilitation, Soil Improvement
  • Arson Mitigation
    Negating the Opportunity for Roadside Arsonists
  • Weed Management & Pasture Improvement
    Timing burns for effective results
  • Burn Project Coordination & Property Assessment
    Ensuring burn programs are interpreted effectively and implemented safely
  • GIS Mapping
  • Fire Scar 

Aerial Incendiary

A focus on strategy to achieve mosaic burning regimes

Aerial incendiary operations are used to conduct landscape scale burning and burning in areas of difficult access. There are a number of successful burning programs carried out throughout Australia every year, by government departments and by landowners, with aerial ignition the principal tool. 

FFEC uses helicopters for aerial incendiary operations, with a flight crew of a pilot, navigator, and bombardier.  A helicopter is used for a more accurate placement of Aerial Incendiary Devices (AIDs).

Flying to a pre-arranged flight plan, the navigator will select sites in which to drop the incendiary devices.  On completion of the ignition run, a fly-by of ignition points will be carried out to determine the initial scope and behaviour of the various fires. An on-ground crew provide surveillance/reconnaissance and service for the aircraft crew.

Mick Blackman is a highly qualified experienced bomb and navigator with 25 years experience who can integrate wildfire prevention or firebreak creation with ecological outcomes.  All of our aircraft aerial incendiary devices meet Civil Aviation Security Authority (CASA) specifications and are certified accordingly.


Aerial Incendiary

Aerial Incendiary Operator – Developing skills and nurturing specialists in bombardiering, navigating and reconnaissance 

FFEC aerial incendiary trainers are specialists practising in bombardiering, navigating and on-ground reconnaissance throughout vast remote properties in Queensland and on the urban-bush interface. These highly sought-after skills are transferred to our course participants with the completion of the nationally recognised Aerial Incendiary Operators Course. The course includes operating ignition equipment  and the competencies in operational, safety, legislative and maintenance requirements for conducting aerial incendiary.


Onground Burning

We pride ourselves in being a standalone organisation in the method in which we deliver accredited training programmes. Our trainers are not only qualified to teach what we offer but they are practising specialists which ensures our course participants receive training from people who actually perform landscape scale prescribed burning.

Plans, Reports, Mapping & Monitoring

  • Fire Implementation Plans & Reports
    Planning and Documenting Burns
  • Burn Plan Development & Property Assessments
    Large and small scale property consultation and plans
  • Fuel Hazard Assessments and Reporting
    Aerial and onground fuel surveys
  • GIS Mapping
  • Fire Scar

Other Land Management Services

Integration with other specialised services

FFEC can provide other services either integrated with fire management or as a component of other land management programs. Some of our services include Conservation Land Management Horticulture. Please contact our office for further enquiries on how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Hire Equipment

  • Raindance aerial incendiary machine (R3)
  • Truck: 3 ton waterbladder 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Vehicles and slip-on unit
  • Signs/plumps
  • Diesel: 800 L tank
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