Preservation of biodiversity, Climate change adaptation and mitigation, Habitat rehabilitation, Soil Improvement

Both our on-ground and aerial incendiary operations are impeccably timed throughout the fire season to promote healthy and diverse ecosystems by ensuring we efficiently break up the country to create refugia for native species by allowing vegetation communities to continue to flourish at various stages of succession. Flexibility in burning operations is a key aspect of FFEC’s success in ecological burning. In order to maximise productivity within burn programs when there are constraints in burning window availability FFEC adapts specific burning strategies to optimise flexibility in program delivery. We consult with various esteemed specialists in the field of fire ecology and develop our techniques and strategies according to these recommendations.

Ecological Burns
Early season burns FFEC implemented to rejuvenate fire dependent habitat demonstrating patchy mosaic patterns low in scorch height leaving canopies intact
Photo: Paul Williams, Mount Isa, 2012.