Infrastructure protection, Firebreak Maintenance, Perimeter and Boundary burns

Asset Protection: Patchy Mosaic Burning
An example of a patchy mosaic burning where FFEC successfully achieves both the objectives of infrastructure protection and ecological preservation. Photo: Paul Williams, Mount Isa, 2012.

Our approach to asset protection is to maximise the productivity of the burn while reducing impacts on the environment. We aim to achieve the outcomes of infrastructure protection by relying on natural firebreaks rather than constructing firebreaks. In instances where safety will be compromised without a constructed firebreak, FFEC can conduct preparatory works including planning and implementing the construction of firebreaks for prescribed burning operations.  We also construct impromptu firebreaks to contain wildfire.  Our  crews are trained in operating machinery to minimise erosion with firebreak construction and rehabilitating sites when necessary.

Prescribed Burning - Pormpuraaw Rangers
Clean firebreak constructed in preparation for prescribed burning – Pormpuraaw Rangers Photo: Mick Blackman, Cape York 2011