FFEC have completed projects over much of Northern Australia including the Torres Strait islands, Cape York Peninsula, the Kimberley, and throughout various inland and coastal regions extending down to Townsville. Our projects vary from small scale operations to implementing complex burn management programs for large scale multi-agency projects comprising of a combination of all of our services.

Due to increased changes in land use such as urbanisation, it is not feasible to reintroduce past Indigenous fire regimes characterised by continual burning on broad scales. But while there are many contemporary constraints to broad-scale prescribed burning, FFEC aims to replicate timely burning based on seasonality, and burning along natural breaks and boundaries.

The methodology we have developed is complex and varied to achieve sustainable ecological outcomes while providing protection of life and property. Burn techniques and strategies used in burn programs are site specific reflecting variances in topographic areas and ecosystems and are based on collaborative knowledge and experience of many fire managers within Australia and studies of past fire behaviour.