Large and small scale property consultation and plans

Burn plan interpretation and development of burn strategy
Burn plan interpretation and development of burn strategy
Photo: FFEC, 2010

FFEC can determine how complex or simplistic your burn plan needs to be to achieve your goals. For large scale and complex projects FFEC utilises consultants from our affiliated companies to develop burn plans.

FFEC consultants are highly experienced in conducting property assessments to provide advice on burn plan development. Assessments include but are not limited to fire history of the property; fire scar interpretation; mapping and photo monitoring; ecological, economic and safety objectives; carbon abatement objectives; Key Fire Response Species; determinants of fire behaviour; fire technique and strategies to be employed.

FFEC also conducts property assessments throughout the fire season to provide support and advice to land-managers on how to interpret burn plans and programs for effective operations. Assessments include a document and resource review, consultation with stakeholders and development of burn strategies and implementation plans that are timely and responsive to the current property or landscape conditions.